Now that we are getting closer and closer to Christmas, so many people are putting up Christmas decorations and making Christmas lists and all of that stuff. Whenever you turn on a television, channels will be playing Christmas shows and radios playing Christmas music. Whenever you hear someone talking, somewhere in that conversation is something about Christmas trees or what they want for this year. Something that I noticed though that is sad to me, is that everyone is so focussed on what they want to get for Christmas and forgetting the whole point of it. Though a large portion of people might say Christmas is about getting presents or all the pretty decorations, Christmas isn’t about any of that. Although getting new toys and seeing all the lights and even making yummy Christmas cookies is very fun, the real reason to celebrate this fun holiday is to celebrate our Savior’s birth!

A very long time ago, our Savior was born. And even though He was a king and deserved to be born in a palace, there was no place for Jesus’ parents-Mary and Joseph- to stay, so He was born in an animal stable. In fact, He was even born in manger which is what holds food for cows and horses. But even from birth, you can see how humble Jesus was. Even when He was forced to die on a wooden cross, He chose to forgive the people that killed and hurt Him.

Most people know this story of how Jesus was born in a manger in swaddling clothes and how His life went, but not everyone realizes how important this event of His birth was for everyone-in the past, present, and future. From the moment Adam and Eve sinned by eating an apple that God told them not to, a Messiah was promised by God to come down as a baby to Earth and save everyone from their sins. Everyone from Abraham to Moses were waiting for a king to come and save them. And when an angel came to Mary and Joseph to tell each of them that Jesus will be born as their son and will save everyone, everyone knew that God’s promise was coming true as long foretold.

Even though this month is about giving, remember what God gave to us-a humble Savior who would do no wrong and was later crucified to save us. Jesus did not one sinful action nor had a sinful thought, He was perfect and was killed for it. So maybe this Christmas, when you open a present, in your mind, or even out loud, say Happy Birthday, Jesus. Because He gave His life for us, the least we can do is say Happy Birthday to Him. I mean, after all, He gave us the gift of forgiveness so whenever we get a gift, maybe it’s all part of God’s plan to remind us to be thankful for His son-Jesus, who is the real reason for this Holiday.