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We work hard to earn our stars. Check out our latest reviews to see how!

  • positive review Just over a year ago we moved our kids from our nearby public school to St. Luke's Lutheran School. As parents we could not be happier with the curriculum and attention our kids are getting, but more than that our kids adore the school as well. Every morning they are excited for the day. We love hearing about their activities and hands-on learning and how God's love is intertwined with so many lessons. St. Luke's has given them a level of confidence that was unachievable at our prior school. They are personally greeted every day by both administrators and staff, which puts a smile on everyone's face. The teachers are a perfect match for each of them, all caring and giving them exactly what they need to succeed. Walking onto the St. Luke's campus gives a sense of calmness, joy, safety and community that is unmatched. We thank God every day for bringing us here!

    Natalie F. Avatar
    Natalie F.

    positive review We have three children currently enrolled in the K-5 school and we can’t speak higher of the ongoing countless positive experiences we have felt here. Our children are so loved at St. Luke’s. We can’t express the joy and peace our hearts feel when our children’s teachers pray over them and for them. They care so deeply for them. They are passionate about sharing God’s story and love with them daily and truly live and teach through the faith. Our children are safe while at school. They are challenged at school. They are always placed with the perfect teachers who best meet their spiritual and academic needs. They do tons of art projects, sing in the school choir, learn Spanish and get lots of recess and PE time! They start their day hearing Christian radio songs playing through the speakers in the school hallways. They end their days singing songs in their beds that they learned during Chapel services and in choir. It’s absolutely heart warming. Our children look forward to going to school each day. We are beyond grateful to have found this school family!

    Kelly N. Avatar
    Kelly N.

    positive review I could never put into words what St. Luke's means to our family. We have been a part of the school for 11 years and have two boys who have attended since preschool and can not imagine sending our boys anywhere else. The whole environment is one of love based on each child's individuality, and helping each child achieve their best potential. They truly care and are value each child and help them grow into a well adjusted and well rounded individual. Our boys are completely different and have different needs, and the staff and teachers have been there every step of the way guiding and helping us. It truly is a family, in which we all work together for the best possible situation for each child. Tuition can be tough sometimes, but here too, they work with you with scholarships and aid to help. Even when it is tough, I simply cannot see sending my boys elsewhere. St. Luke's provides the foundation on which my boys will be prepared for high school and beyond, academically, socially, and spiritually. Our boys will attend public high school, but with the foundation they have received and will receive at St. Luke's I rest secure.

    Francesca L. Avatar
    Francesca L.
  • positive review We love St. Luke’s! The school has become like our extended family! We love the Christ centered environment and caring teachers. Their dedication to developing the students academically and spiritually are second to none.

    Astrid S. Avatar
    Astrid S.

    positive review I would unequivocally recommend St. Luke's to anyone looking for a great school for their children. We have three children who currently attend. We started when my oldest was three in the pre-school and is now in the main school. St. Luke's is not only a school, but a community. I know that when my children are at school they are learning in a safe, caring environment with a focus on the student as a person including their spiritual growth. Step foot on campus and you will quickly see for yourself!

    Stephanie B. Avatar
    Stephanie B.

    positive review This school is so much more than just a school! It’s a family! Excellent academics, outstanding creativity and music programs (strings, bells, band, choir), amazing gifted program, but the best part is it’s centered on Christ. Also, my son was placed in honors classes in high school because of the preparations St. Luke’s gave him.

    Jennifer G. Avatar
    Jennifer G.
  • positive review St Luke's is a true Christian school with good foundational values and a caring staff.

    Jennifer S. Avatar
    Jennifer S.

    positive review St. Luke’s was/is more than a school for my daughter-it is part of her extended family and truly her village to which she can always return. She is a junior at FSU now, but still calls on her mentors at St Luke’s at times for advice. I started her at the daycare when she was 18 months old-she had significant developmental delay and her pediatrician had no answer for me. St Luke’s was my church and I knew if there was an answer to be found He would help me find it. Fast forward to the end of 8th grade, she graduated at the top of her class, and Coach Rudlinger retired her jersey. So- the answer is here. I am forever grateful to the staff and clergy of St Luke’s not only for the education my daughter received, but even more importantly, that I have a child who wakes up every day 100% sure, not a doubt in her mind, that Jesus is the Son of God, He actually lived, it’s historical fact, he died on the Cross, and He rose again so that her sins would be forgiven and she will have eternal life. If you are looking for a school to help set a life foundation for your children, please consider St. Luke’s.

    Elizabeth L. Avatar
    Elizabeth L.

    positive review I have no words to express how awesome this school is! I thank God every day for my kids being a part of it.

    Alfonso C. Avatar
    Alfonso C.

Why St. Luke's?

Learn why so many parents choose St. Luke's for their child's education.

“With so many high-rated public schools in Seminole County, one of our biggest challenges was to determine if there was enough difference in the environment and academics of private school to justify the cost. The St. Luke’s atmosphere convinced us there was.”

Vicki Zimmerman

“When searching for the perfect school, we were looking for a safe and positive atmosphere for our kids, a staff that extended the love of Christ and a strong academic offering.”

JD Daher

“It was the warm and welcoming climate of the school that ultimately led us to choose St. Luke’s. The children in the classrooms we visited seemed very happy and well disciplined. We also felt comforted by the safety and security of the campus.”

Robert Kuczajda

“We were looking for a private, Christian school that provided various experiences for our children outside the academic curriculum. St. Luke’s fit that perfectly.”

Karen Manglardi

“St. Luke’s feels like family. We are so appreciative of the genuine partnership that exists in raising our children. They truly care about each and every family!”

Lenna & Ryan Bowden

“We chose St. Luke’s because not just the teachers, but every person we have interactions with at the school has genuine interest in the development of our children. The teachers and staff are interested in helping our kids learn to develop their academic gifts to their fullest potential; but equally as important, it seems, is that these kids grow into individuals who seek to know the God who created and loves them, who reflect that love to others, and who lead a life that glorifies Christ.”

Tara Sloane

“The teachers, the teachers, the teachers!! St. Luke’s has the absolute BEST teachers. The curriculum, special programs and after-school opportunities are outstanding. The curriculum pulls the best from common core, but it is not a mandate. The innovation at St. Luke’s is unparalleled. During our tenure at the pre-school, we have experienced and benefitted from the initial outdoor classroom and the transitional kindergarten (both of which are not common at other preschools).”

Rebecca & Ryan Smith

“When looking for the right school for my child, the main obstacle was not knowing if I was ready for her to go to kindergarten when the time came. But I knew it was going to happen since time doesn’t stop and I was not planning on homeschooling her, so it was time to find a school. At the time, I was a part of a large playgroup whose children were getting ready for kindergarten, so I listened to a lot of what they were looking for in a school and what they thought of places. Using their advice, I easily chose St. Luke’s.”

Christy Register