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  • Our family is beyond blessed to be part of this church and school. Our child is THRIVING and HAPPY - she loves school! The teachers, administration, staff, and pastors make each day special for her - what a joy to be part of the St. Luke's family.

    Marci Hall Helenthal Avatar
    Marci Hall Helenthal

    We LOVE St. Luke's for so many reasons. We could not imagine sending our three boys anywhere else. This school truly feels like a family!!! St. Luke's cares for each and every individual child and their family. They are strong academically and have amazing specials and sports programs as well. The Special Events the kids put on and field trips the kids get to attend are outstanding too. We were so proud and thankful when our twin boys performed the Patriotic Salute in Kindergarten last year and were able to honor our Veterans and shake each of their hands at the end of the program. We love that our kids get to learn about God each and every day. Our kids LOVE going to school and learning and have such a wonderful group of friends; we couldn't ask for more than that!

    Megan 'Woron' Albers Avatar
    Megan 'Woron' Albers

    I had a great time at St Likes grandparents day very well organized a lot for the kids to do. Thank you

    Ann Hurst Avatar
    Ann Hurst
  • St Luke's has made us both feel like we are family here! The Lord is present in this place! Thank you Lord for bringing us here!

    Jan Barter Mau Avatar
    Jan Barter Mau

    A great Christian school�. I sent my children to school here years ago and now my grandkids are here.

    Kris Kizer Armstrong Avatar
    Kris Kizer Armstrong

    Everyone is so kind and genuinely concerned about each and every child. They are 100% committed to educating souls and minds in discipleship. Thank you for embracing and loving my family! P.S. I simply love the morning drop off, walk up, afternoon car line...effortless and staff make it super fun and enjoyable for kids [and Parents]---makes me smile every day!

    Stacey Allen Avatar
    Stacey Allen
  • This is one of the best school there is. My grandsons received one of the best christian education ever. If you are looking for a great education for your children, do not doubt to come to St. Luke's.

    Betty Christian Avatar
    Betty Christian

    This school cannot be summarized in words because the level of love and compassion they show for our children is unsurpassed. Tuition gets hard to pay some years but I make it work because you cannot match the environment at this school! If you are considering St. Lukes as a possible school for your child please stop in and meet everyone, you will not be dissapointed!

    Katie Nguyen Avatar
    Katie Nguyen

    Best school ever! My son has come so far! We have been here for 3 years already and everyday we realize even more how blessed we are!

    Cheryl Ann Mellon Avatar
    Cheryl Ann Mellon

Why St. Luke's?

Learn why so many parents choose St. Luke's for their child's education.

“With so many high-rated public schools in Seminole County, one of our biggest challenges was to determine if there was enough difference in the environment and academics of private school to justify the cost. The St. Luke’s atmosphere convinced us there was.”

Vicki Zimmerman

“When searching for the perfect school, we were looking for a safe and positive atmosphere for our kids, a staff that extended the love of Christ and a strong academic offering.”

JD Daher

“It was the warm and welcoming climate of the school that ultimately led us to choose St. Luke’s. The children in the classrooms we visited seemed very happy and well disciplined. We also felt comforted by the safety and security of the campus.”

Robert Kuczajda

“We were looking for a private, Christian school that provided various experiences for our children outside the academic curriculum. St. Luke’s fit that perfectly.”

Karen Manglardi

“St. Luke’s feels like family. We are so appreciative of the genuine partnership that exists in raising our children. They truly care about each and every family!”

Lenna & Ryan Bowden

“We chose St. Luke’s because not just the teachers, but every person we have interactions with at the school has genuine interest in the development of our children. The teachers and staff are interested in helping our kids learn to develop their academic gifts to their fullest potential; but equally as important, it seems, is that these kids grow into individuals who seek to know the God who created and loves them, who reflect that love to others, and who lead a life that glorifies Christ.”

Tara Sloane

“The teachers, the teachers, the teachers!! St. Luke’s has the absolute BEST teachers. The curriculum, special programs and after-school opportunities are outstanding. The curriculum pulls the best from common core, but it is not a mandate. The innovation at St. Luke’s is unparalleled. During our tenure at the pre-school, we have experienced and benefitted from the initial outdoor classroom and the transitional kindergarten (both of which are not common at other preschools).”

Rebecca & Ryan Smith

“When looking for the right school for my child, the main obstacle was not knowing if I was ready for her to go to kindergarten when the time came. But I knew it was going to happen since time doesn’t stop and I was not planning on homeschooling her, so it was time to find a school. At the time, I was a part of a large playgroup whose children were getting ready for kindergarten, so I listened to a lot of what they were looking for in a school and what they thought of places. Using their advice, I easily chose St. Luke’s.”

Christy Register