At the end of the school year, Mrs. Nowicki and Mrs. Schultz have announced that they will be retiring.  St. Luke’s and the LCMS community have been blessed by their ministry and will miss them!

Mrs. Nowicki has served as a teacher for 42 years with 27 years at St. Luke’s.  Over the course of her ministry, she has prepared students spiritually, academically, and emotionally for their next journey.  She has enjoyed mud & dry walks, as well as traveling to the Florida Keys where the students experienced marine life.  During her service, she has guided students and coworkers by consistently demonstrating the love of Christ.  In retirement, she is looking forward to sitting by the pool with her morning coffee.

Mrs. Schultz has been in the teaching ministry for 29 years, serving 23 of those at St. Luke’s.  Through the years, she has shown the love of Jesus in her classroom as well as in interactions with students, parents, and colleagues.  She has been willing to share ideas, offer assistance, and faithfully serve the St. Luke’s community without hesitation.  We look forward to watching her next journey as she enjoys some well deserved rest and relaxation.

Thank you to both of them for their unwavering Christ-centered dedication to the students, parents, staff, and congregation!

If you would like to share in the celebration, feel free to drop off a card or note at the school office during regular school hours.