Today is the last day of my seven-week sabbatical from St. Luke’s. It’s time to wrap up my time away and you will see me back at school on Monday! This period of sabbatical has been a true blessing to me in so many ways. I’ve enjoyed time to read books on leadership, spiritual growth, and innovation in education. I visited other Lutheran schools in Florida and garnered ideas and insights we can use at St. Luke’s. I’ve attended conferences where I’ve learned from and connected with leaders from Lutheran churches and schools around the nation. I’ve had time to think and dream about the future of our school. And there was also precious time for physical activity, rest and reflection, and spiritual contemplation and prayer.

I want to offer by public thanks to Sherry Abell, Greg Register, Ileana Barbari, Sarah Wilbanks, Elizabeth Beckwith, and everyone who took on additional responsibilities and work in my absence. I am grateful for their support. Thanks also to so many of you school parents and staff who expressed encouragement and enthusiasm for my decision to take a sabbatical. Your backing made this adventure a much easier one to embark on and helped me feel like I was doing the right thing.

While I’ve enjoyed this special time away, I’m ready and can’t wait to get back to school to spend time and serve among the wonderful students, teachers, staff, and parents of our fantastic school. We are the Body! See you Monday!