I was blessed a couple of weeks ago to travel with the 8th grade students on their capstone weeklong field trip to Washington, D.C. What an amazing trip! We saw every site you can imagine – memorials, museums, the U.S. Capitol, and so much more. We visited the State Department and met a real U.S. diplomat. A group of our students participated in a ceremonial wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. It was the trip of a lifetime! But what if I told you that as I reflect back, I keep thinking about Barb and Nicole, our trip bus drivers?

I’ve been thinking about our drivers in the context of our theme for this school year “Love First” based on Romans 5:8. I Corinthians 16:14 tell us, “Let all that you do be done in love.” Those two ladies really LOVE what they do! They helped us navigate the incredibly busy streets of DC, always seemed to be on time, and did everything with cheerful smiles and a positive attitude. They didn’t get to go in the amazing museums. They didn’t see the incredible foreign policy simulation at the state department. They didn’t get their picture taken in front of the White House. All the things we love about the field trip they missed out on. But God doesn’t want us to just love the fun stuff and the happy people. He says to let all we do be done in love. I’m thankful that Barb and Nicole love their job, loved and cared for us, and made sure our trip was memorable. You may have a Barb or a Nicole you encounter every day. Tell them you love what they do!