As you read this, we are ready to start spring break at St. Luke’s. What are your favorite spring break memories? At my age it’s hard to even remember what I did for spring break back in the day. My best spring break memories are probably those that my children have experienced. Each year when the kids were younger my family would travel to Alabama to hang out with my wife’s brother and his wife and their three girls. The cousins loved seeing each other and every year it seemed they would just pick up right where they left off. Now that they’re almost all college age though those spring break visits are gone – I miss those days! But the love and the memories remain.

I’ve been thinking about those cousins’ love for each other in the context of our theme for this school year “Love First” based on Romans 5:8. The love that we experience as a reflection of God’s love for us is inevitably altered by distance, time, and changes in life’s circumstances. My daughter and her cousins now attend four different schools in four different states. However, those changes don’t have to mean that the love no longer exists. This spring break I encourage you to find a way to re-connect with that friend or family member you’ve drifted away from. Perhaps you can still be a blessing from God to that person – or maybe they can for you. While we won’t see the cousins this year, I can’t wait for us to gather again this August as the first child in our families gets married. God’s love will be at the center as two become one. Have a great spring break!