I wanted to report to our entire St. Luke’s community about the recently completed re-accreditation process for our school. We spent the last 18 months working through the accreditation process, which included a comprehensive self-study of all our school operations. This process takes place every 5 years and culminates with a three day visit from a validation team from the National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) organization. That visit took place March 29th – 31st.

Over those three days the validation team took an exhaustive look at all aspects of our operations including curriculum, personnel, student services, facilities, fiscal management, mission and vision, and more. They conducted interviews with a significant number of parents, students, School Board members, and staff. Validation team members completed observations in all classrooms and reviewed all the evidence and documentation we produced during our accreditation self-study.

The visit culminated in an exit presentation the afternoon of their last day on campus. At that presentation the members of the team had many positive and encouraging things to share about our school, and we were recommended for re-accreditation for another 5 years. Here are the three “outstanding strengths” the team identified:

  • Historically rich church and school featuring strong relationships that function as one ministry.
  • Facilities and resources that support the on-going needs of the school, with opportunity for growth.
  • A collaborative community with positive energy that includes administration, teachers, and parents who work together to meet the needs of individual students.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for and/or participated in this important process. We are looking forward to another great five years ahead until we do it all again!