As some may know, the Outdoor Classroom is such a special part of St. Luke’s Preschool. My role in the Outdoor Classroom is to assist each class with the curriculum and activities, make sure we have all the necessary supplies and help clean up to ensure our Outdoor Classroom is kept up. Besides myself and maintenance, it takes a lot of hard work to keep our Outdoor Classroom looking nice and presentable. We host Outdoor Classroom Workdays a couple times a year to allow families to come out and help us spruce up our Outdoor Classroom. These are important days because we would not be able to accomplish all the new additions and updates that are so needed without our families help!

Since our most recent workday, we were able to plant all new flowers and tomato plants around our garden and growing patch, rebuild our Dramatic Play area with new houses, rearrange our music and movement area to make room for our upcoming project: a Mud Kitchen! And the most exciting addition is our new stage area! It was recently built by our talented maintenance staff. This new creative space allows the children to act out stories, play games like charades, read books pertaining to the study of the month, and whatever else they can imagine. We can’t wait to see what else the children create on this stage!

We also had a new addition to our Lab, a land tortoise named Spike. He was given to us by a family here at St. Luke’s. It has been so wonderful to see the children’s curiosity at a new animal friend. It has opened up a lot of discussion about the similarities and differences between Spike and our aquatic turtle, Einstein. The children love to learn about new animals, especially when they get to experience them first hand. We also were excited to witness all three of our tadpoles turn into frogs. They have both their front and back legs, no tails and are spending a lot more time outside of the water. The children are amazed at how we no longer have tadpoles. It is such a fulfilling feeling to watch the children experience and observe this life cycle happen right in front of their very eyes. We can’t wait until next time to fill you in on the new things happening at St. Luke’s Preschool!