This week has been a wonderful week of celebration at St. Luke’s. We’ve been a part of National Lutheran Schools Week – a week during which Lutheran schools all over the country rejoice that God has given us a great school where we can learn and grow and strengthen our relationship with Jesus. While I’m sure you’re familiar with St. Luke’s, you may not know much about Lutheran schools in the U.S. So I thought I would share some fun facts about Lutheran schools as we wrap up NLSW. I hope you find them interesting!

  • There are 2,029 Lutheran schools around the country.
  • Illinois is the state with the most Lutheran schools: 196. North Dakota has the least: 4.
  • There are Lutheran schools in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hanoi, and many other international locations.
  • There are 17,218 teachers in Lutheran schools in the U.S. Of course, all the best ones are at St. Luke’s ????
  • The largest Lutheran school in the nation is Faith Lutheran Middle and High School in Las Vegas – it has 1,812 students.
  • Luke’s is the 10th largest Lutheran school in the country. If you eliminate the schools with high schools we are the 5th biggest Lutheran school!