Throughout this school year I’ve written about topics related to our school theme for the year “You are not alone…you’re connected!” based on John 16:32b-33. As we near the end of the school year one of the things I’ve been reflecting on are my favorite connections here at St. Luke’s – the connections to people, events, and moments that fill my heart with love and make me feel more connected to my Savior Jesus. Since I’m a fan of top 10 lists here are my top 10 connections at St. Luke’s (in no particular order):

  • When a child runs up to me and gives me a great big hug. Thankfully that happens a lot.
  • Chapel services on Wednesday mornings – particularly when we sing great songs praising Jesus.
  • Getting dunked MANY times at the St. Luke’s 500.
  • Joining the teachers and staff in devotions every morning.
  • Connecting with new families when they come to St. Luke’s for the first time. It’s great to see the joy on their faces when they see what we have to offer.
  • Donuts, cupcakes, and cookies! The benefits of connecting with a child or staff member on their birthday.
  • Friday administrative team meetings when we hold hands and pray at the end.
  • Grandparents’ Day – watching the loving family connections between our students and their grandparents.
  • Praying with a parent or staff member in my office who needs spiritual support and love.
  • High fives in big school car line every morning. Trust me that’s A LOT of connection 🙂

Those are some of my favorite St. Luke’s connections. What are yours?