As you read this edition of the Wildcat, spring break at St. Luke’s has begun! Woo hoo! I pray your family is able to find a way to relax and do something fun this coming week, even in this time of pandemic. Perhaps you are wondering, “What does the Superintendent do on spring break”? (OK, you probably weren’t wondering that, but hey I’m going to talk about it anyway 🙂 For me there is always a tension to spring break – it’s a wonderfully quiet time at school to get lots of work done, but I like having fun too – really! What typically happens is that I split my time between the office and time off to do something enjoyable. Here’s an ideal spring break “to do list” for me:

  • Sleep in! My days start early when school is in session. Now if the dog would just let me sleep later.
  • Go to a spring training baseball game. Baseball is one of my favorite sports and this year I think we can actually go to games!
  • Read, read, read – something I often get little time to do. Scripture, devotionals, magazines, newspapers. Maybe even read a book – like a whole book!
  • Spend a morning or afternoon at the beach with the family. Sitting in the sand, watching the waves, walking along the shore – now that’s relaxing.
  • Take the dog for long walks along with my son. Maybe we’ll see that big alligator in the neighborhood pond again!
  • Go to a store like Best Buy and touch everything 🙂 I love technology, and browsing a big box store with lots of shiny tech is my idea of fun. Unfortunately, my wife takes my credit card before I go 🙁
  • Date night with my wife. I honestly can’t remember the last time we did that.

What about you? What’s your spring break “to do” list? If you have an opportunity this spring break, get out there and enjoy this wonderful world God has created for us. We are blessed!