I try to work out regularly at a local gym. On the days I’m on a cardio machine I sometimes play a little game with myself. I try to keep pace or go faster than the person near/next to me and stay on my machine longer then they do. The idea is to keep going and going and run continually until the other person stops. Many times that works out great for me; other times not so much as I’m sucking wind and trying to survive. Since most people are more fit then me the latter scenario is sadly more likely. That’s why I’m glad they have a defibrillator on site 😊

I’ve been thinking about this idea of working out without stopping in the context of our theme for this school year “Christ-fit for Service” based on 1 Peter 4:10-11. Our theme focus for November is Christ-fit to serve continually based on Daniel 6:16. If you’re like me you enjoy serving the Lord and His people in lots of different ways. However, I often prefer to serve when it’s convenient for me and fits well into my schedule. Service has its time and its place I tell myself and I’ll get around to it when I’m ready. How ridiculous! Praise God that Jesus never stopped and served continually all the way to the cross and the grave. In response we are called to serve at all times and in all places. There are so many opportunities and so many in need. Let’s love, care, pray, and serve continually!