We are very excited to announce that our STEAM program here at St. Luke’s Preschool is officially complete! We will be offering an 18-24 month STEAM program beginning next school year. This means that we will have a STEAM class for any preschool aged child!

(STEAM 2’s class released butterflies that they watched transform from caterpillars.)

In case you are unfamiliar with our STEAM program, it stands for Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math. We began this journey three years ago with the introduction of our 3yr old STEAM program, followed by our 4yr old program, and just this year we added our 2yr old program. Each class has their own curriculum that focuses on the various STEAM elements. They spend about 75% of their time outside in our Outdoor Classroom and YEZ (Young Explorers Zone) and 25% inside either in the STEAM building or STEAM classroom. They are supplied with STEAM shirts, rainboots and rain jackets for those rainy exploration days. This program is unique in that it is designed for children of all ages to learn and explore all while being outdoors. Academic learning can happen pretty much anywhere: outside or inside! This approach to mostly outside learning allows children to experience the world in a new way and realize that learning doesn’t always have to happen in a classroom.

(STEAM 3’s class made their own mortar and used trowels to build a brick wall.)

Our 18-24 month program will focus on the STEAM elements while incorporating hands on, sensory play. Mrs. Barbari, the principal of Pre-K & K, has been the drive behind this entire program. She firmly believes that children should be spending more time outdoors, experiencing nature and playing while they learn. Sensory play is a huge part of a child’s development, especially at such a young age, so we are really excited to see how much these youngsters learn by playing and getting messy.

(STEAM 4’s class worked together to build a stand out of straws and tape that could hold a pumpkin.)