St. Luke's Students

Many parents who are touring different private schools for their child(ren) understand how difficult it can be to make a decision when there’s so much to take into consideration. From academics and principles, to extracurricular opportunities and more, making a final selection can be challenging.

At St. Luke’s Lutheran School, our goal is to make our campus feel like a home away from home. A place to have fun, grow, make friends, make mistakes, be a leader, learn from leaders, develop skills, develop spirituality and so much more. Here’s why we believe our school can make all the difference in your child’s early-education experience all the way through eighth grade and beyond.


Faith: A Fun Place to Learn, Built on a Solid Christian Foundation

St. Luke's – See You at the Pole

At St. Luke’s, our students love learning new things every day. With our STEAM education program for preschoolers—subjects like science, technology, engineering, arts and math are explored through our Outdoor Classroom, which gives children a natural environment for learning all the interest areas of an indoor preschool classroom in a more interactive outdoor setting.

But with all the new things to explore and learn at St. Luke’s, one thing students can count on staying the same every day is that our school is rooted in Christian beliefs and practices. Here, we believe every child is an unrepeatable miracle of God, and we are committed to providing a safe, loving environment for children to develop to their fullest potential—just as they were made to do. From their early years in preschool all the way through eighth grade, this is instilled in their day-to-day lives at St. Luke’s, and we know that plays a big role in setting them up for a bright, fulfilling future that goes well past graduation.

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Community: A Community of Trust and Support

St. Luke's Community

At St. Luke’s, our vision is: “In response to God’s love and His command to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, St. Luke’s Lutheran School, in active partnership with the church and parents, strives to help each child develop to his/her fullest potential in all aspects of Christian life.”

In other words, we encourage all of our students to become the best versions of themselves through Christ and our community. Only with the help of our experienced administrators, inspiring family members and other active supporters in our community can we guide and teach our students to do this.

Our theme for 2018-2019 is: “You are not alone…you’re connected!” (John 16:32b-33). We chose this message very intentionally to serve as a reminder to our students that this year (and every year) at St. Luke’s, they are always connected—both to our Father and our community, as well.


Education: Incomparable Academics That Promote Growth for Years to Come

St. Luke's Graduating Class

When it comes to academics at St. Luke’s, our students have proven time and time again that they excel within our education model. Last year, 13 of our bright seventh graders qualified for Duke TIP (The Duke University Talent Identification Program), which identifies academically talented students in the U.S. who’ve scored at or above the 95th percentile on grade-level standardized test scores. We’ve helped students fulfill their potential and become National Merit Scholars, valedictorians, honors students and students that place in the Top 10 of their respective classes upon graduation.

We believe in investing in our students’ futures with quality education. From preschool all the way to middle school, we use hands-on instruction, STEAM education, experiential learning methods, fine arts and athletic integration, and so much more—both inside and outside the classroom—to help our students succeed.

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