If you’ve ever attended an Advent worship or preschool program or any event at St. Luke’s where students lead or perform there’s one sight you can’t miss. That would be parents photographing or filming their children as they sing or read. At the second Advent service this year I saw something that brought a smile to my face. I sat right behind Mrs. Follett’s father and when she got up to read there was her dad with his phone aloft recording his “little girl” as she read God’s Word. I guess regardless of age or circumstance we’re always mothers/fathers and sons/daughters.

That night as I drove home, I had this crazy image in my head of our Father God holding a really big iPhone and lovingly recording us as we sing, laugh, play, shop, cook, work, etc. We will always be God’s children and I’m sure he watches avidly as we go about our daily lives.

As we approach Christmas, I’ve been thinking a lot about parents and children. This will be my first Christmas ever without my mom or dad on this earth with me. My daughter just turned 18 and in a few months will be off to college. While those realities sometimes leave me with an empty feeling, I’m thankful that I have a Father God who loves me and is always with me. Christmas reminds me that He made the ultimate sacrifice and sent His only son Jesus here to live perfectly and die and rise again so I could remain His child for eternity.

As you celebrate Christmas with family, rejoice that adults and kids alike are all children of God and recipients of the greatest gift of all found in a lowly manger many years ago. Oh, and make sure to get it all on video 😊 Merry Christmas!