What’s your favorite Easter memory? I have many, but the most amusing is probably the year a church almost kidnapped me! One Easter morning when I was in 5th grade a church had a van and was going door to door on my street inviting people to come to Easter service. My parents were getting dressed so I answered the door. I said, “sure I’ll go to church!” in response to their invitation and proceeded to head out the door down the sidewalk to the van. My parents caught me in time. Hey, what’s wrong with going to church???

I’ve been thinking about the celebration of Easter in the context of our theme for this school year “We are the Body” based on I Corinthians 12:12-27. The idea of the body of Christ that we are all a part of is centered entirely, well, on the actual body of Jesus Christ! His perfect life on this Earth ended at the cross as He was crucified and died for all our sins. Then on Easter that same body was resurrected – evidence of His victory over sin and death. We are free! Free to live, love and serve as a part of a community of believers whose existence is owed entirely to that empty tomb. I pray this weekend’s Easter celebration is joyous for you and your family. Worship, sing, eat, and fellowship together with your fellow members of the body of Christ. He is Risen!