Since we are now in November, and getting closer and closer to Thanksgiving, I started to ask myself, “What am I thankful for?”

I  started to ponder this question more and more until I realized, I’m not just thankful for one thing in my life. I am thankful for many things, such as my family, who loves and supports me no matter what. I couldn’t do anything without them, and I wouldn’t be at this amazing school if it weren’t for them. That’s another thing I am super thankful for; my school. St. Luke’s has such an amazing opportunity for children to learn and grow with Christ. St. Luke’s also has an amazing staff and group of teachers. They all care for each and every one of the students here.


My friends here are super supportive too. My friends cheer me up when I get down and make me happy when I’m sad. Some of them are almost like my twins. Others of them are funny or silly. Lots of them are smart so they help me understand things. Some of them stand by my side no matter what and others tell me positive things to make me smile! I don’t know what I would do without you guys! I also am really happy that I go to a school where we have chapel every Wednesday and can pray whenever we want. Its nice to know I can be close to God in and out of school. Even though sometimes I don’t like to say memory work or take Religion tests, when I get As, it shows me that I really know about God and His word.


I also am very thankful for Jesus. If it weren’t for Him, I wouldn’t be on this Earth. I wouldn’t be forgiven and I wouldn’t go to live with Him when I die. He is what I am most thankful for because without Him, I wouldn’t even be here, writing this blog. So I encourage everyone to just stop, and take one second, and just think to yourself, “What am I thankful for?”. Then thank God for giving you those blessings that you can be thankful for.